Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. All customers MUST be 18 years or older in order to join our investigations. We may ask you to provide photo ID before you are allowed on an investigation.

2. Ghost at Midnite take safety of our staff and customers very seriously, due to insurance pregnant ladies are not allowed to join a ghost investigation.

3. Complaints : if you at any time are unhappy with the service or the event please speak to a member of the team so we can address any problems there and then, if we cannot resolve your issues we may offer you a chance to visit us on another event. Please note we do not offer refunds on any event including cancellations.

4. No alcohol or drugs before, during or after the event is allowed, if we find that you are under the influence then you'll be asked to leave the event, this is due to health and safety reasons and the fact our insurance will become invalid.

5. Ghost at Midnite will not be responsible for any lost property, damage or theft of your property or car whilst on the event, your property is your own personal responsibility, we will not be liable for this.

6. During and after the event, you and your party are required to act in a mature and adult manner, if your behavior is deemed unacceptable, you and your party will be removed from the event.

7. In the unlikely event that the that a venue cancels on us or moves our event to another date due to unforeseen circumstances then you will be offered alternative dates to attend the event or a credit note.

Refunds cannot be given due to the fact that the venue and other costs would have already been paid for.

8. You are attending this event at your own risk, we accept no liability for any accident or injury to yourselves however caused.

We advise you wear sensible foot wear and warm clothing and only attend if your in good health and do not have a nervous disposition.

9. If Ghost at Midnite have to cancel an event due to unforeseen circumstances we may offer you a refund under our discretion, Ghost at Midnite will contact you 3 days prior to the event, Ghost at Midnite will not be held liable for any expenses you may incur such as accommodation bookings etc.

10. Please make sure you are quiet as possible when leaving the event as we don't want to upset the neighbors.

11. By booking with Ghost at Midnite you are accepting all our termsand conditions and they are not negotiable.

12. No smoking inside our events only designated areas on breaks.

13. Deposits are Non Refundable, if you do not clear the balance on time then unfortunately you will lose the deposit and your place on the event.

14. Cash is not accepted as payment at any event held by Ghost at Midnite.

15. If you have booked and paid for the event in full and can no longer attend then please let us know as soon as possible, No refunds can be given, but if we can re sell your spaces then we will be able to offer you an alternative event to attend.

16. Please note once you have purchased your tickets whether it's in full or a deposit you have agreed to our terms and conditions ,these tickets as stated in section 15/ are non refundable. 


If for some reason you cancel an event,We can offer to transfer you to an alternative event,but this will only happen on extreme circumstances you have 14 days from the day of cancellation to tell us which event you prefer,if you do not contact us with an alternative event within that time period stated unfortunately you will lose any rights to be transferred ,we do not offer refunds.   THE 14 DAY RULE